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Shondra Leigh, or GOLD as her really good friends know her as, is an authentic, wildly free spirited woman with a gift of igniting this inspiration in others; A former professional dancer & Cirque du Soleil artist who has since evolved into a Transformational Leader in Human Optimization.

She recently created Ananta Wellness and Beauty Boutique in Wallingford Connecticut, with her sister Justine, in 2023, where she now practices as a Somatic Lifestyle Wellness Coach with a specialty in Integrative Nutritional Esthetics.

Shondra has been a Licensed Skin Therapist for 20 years, is certified as a holistic health coach, Osmosis MD Professional Nutritional Esthetician who is also trained in advanced Lash Extension Application as well as a certified Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner. 

It is because of her vast list of usable modalities that she leads in the treatment room with a fully integrative and intuitive approach to help her clients receive the results they truly desire. 

Shonra is an incomparable esthetician. She is known for having magical hands that transform not only her clients skin, but also energetically facilitating a sense of grounding, calmness and total rejuvenation after each and every session.

Shondra believes you can never go wrong with a holistic medical approach when it comes to skin nutrition. Utilizing potent serums, luxurious masks, and quality supplements to transform beauty from within is her value system as a practitioner, only choosing products that are crafted with the perfect blend of nature and science that provide unparalleled results keeping beauty uncompromised. 

She not only provides hands on beauty and wellness services but can also be found in the virtual space. Her Skin, Health and Lifestyle Wellness coaching sessions are unique and 100% customizable to her clients needs as they embark on their transformational journey. 

Shondra’s personal health journey truly began over a decade ago while she was traveling the world as a professional dancer, recognizing that even though she was living out some of her life’s biggest dreams, her nervous system seemed to always be completely dysregulated, throwing many other things with her health off balance and she desperately wanted to understand WHY, and ultimately how to come back to a sense of regulation in a organic, holistic and natural fashion. 

She dove into a full self case study to getting herself from burnout to bliss and in the process had full realization that TRUE health is made up of four pillars; mental, physical, spiritual and financial as she went on a somatic journey to develop a deep connection to them all. 

Mind, body and spiritual connection to her aura remains a key element in the alchemy of her life and career. Impacting others as she too has been positively impacted, Shondra’s embodiment for the art of manifestation has led her to her purpose to co-create with her clients as the Ultimate Somatic Lifestyle Wellness Coach and Incomparable Esthetician. 

Shondra considers her life what she refers to as a SOULful MoveMEANT as she has always followed her passions, purpose and heart and her mission now is to guide her clients to a life of true health and conscious wealth as they master their mind-body connection as they learn to fully love the skin they are in in order to unveil their greatest potential so that they can claim a limitless life of balance, joy, peace & purpose.


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