The Ayurveda Mama

Hi, I'm Jussie!

✨️ My goal here is to offer ways that will help you release from broken systems, help you re-unite with your natural lunar ways, promote gut and hormonal health and figure out what the heck is causing you to stress out all the time. I do this by introducing Ayurveda, the science of living- simplifying your life! Learning to implement these protocols will not only help you relieve the burnout and learn how to live peacefully within the will also help you learn how to be in control when you aren't. I do this through one on one coaching, but I also offer virtual and in house wellness offerings as well at Ananta Wellness in Connecticut.

💆‍♀️ So why would you come to me? I am highly passionate about individuals re-learning our bodies natural rhythms, because I too, struggled in many ways due to our broken systems, leaving me sick and feeling at a loss and not knowing where to turn to finally feel better again. I help others so they don't have to feel the same way I did. Along with my lifetime of experiences of being a human and finding ways of going through it, I am a certified Ayurvedic wellness coach with nearly 20 years experience in the beauty and wellness industry as a licensed esthetician, if you really want to get "technical" with labeling. But taking action and implementation of the knowledge I have learned is key, which is why I am here to pass it to those that also want to learn. If you would like to go down the rabbit hole of how I started my journey, There is a button below that lays out my history .

💜 I am a mama of two who loves breaking the old paradigm, homesteading, homeschooling, teaching mamas to be how they can be in control of their births and helping mamas recover afterwards. I also help mamas reclaim their power against the broken systems we have been thrown into.

✨️ Oh, and if you follow me on social, sometimes it gets weird with me spinning around on the ice (something I have been working on for the last 30ish years or so) and just living life, trying to be awkwardly funny and real or getting slightly controversial... So be sure to follow along!

🌙 Let's Become Limitless Together!

Virtual Offerings

Ritu Reset Seasonal Cleanse

Nourish your mind, body and soul

This is done through the transitional seasons of fall and spring- 5 days of preparation, 7 days of dietary cleansing and restoration and 3 days of transitioning with the continuance of incorporating Ayurveda into your daily practice.

Spring 2024 Enrollment:

Access to the student portal from March 19th, 2024 Through April 30th, 2024.

Mindset Digital Bundles

Self Paced Digital Ayurveda Programs

Looking for a simple way to integrate Ayurveda into your lifestyle? These 4 digital downloads will help you access Ayurvedic practices that you can easily integrate into your daily life.

Free Yourself From Broken Systems:

Simplify life and prioritize YOU while learning your bodies' natural rhythms!

In Person Offerings

Enhance your wellness with me through Ayurvedic practices, energy work, coaching and esthetic services.

( Ananta Wellness & Beauty Boutique in Connecticut ).

Hosted Workshops

Check out these community workshops I offer! (Not virtually at this time).

( Ananta Wellness & Beauty Boutique in Connecticut ).

Live by the moon in this workshop that encourages the use of elemental energy.

Learn how simple Ayurveda can be incorporated into your daily life.

Designed for moms passionate about breaking free from traditional systems

Learn To Skate

⛸ Prior to owning a wellness boutique, my first passion began on the ice. I began my journey as an ice skater when I was just seven years old. After touring with the sport professionally I took a break to build my wellness business that focus on clients wellbeing through Ayurvedic wellness coaching, skin care and energy work. I am finding the time to get back on the ice and train myself to complete my personal skating goals and share my love for the sport with others.

✨ What I bring to the table for my students of all ages is a fun but effective way to approach new skills, effective exercises and plans to encourage them to improve on their current skills, years of competitive and professional experience on the ice and a positive personality to help them love the sport more and more each time they take the ice surface. I am a very creative individual who loves creating art on the ice through choreography along with teaching students basic skills.


What my community has to say ...

" Thank you for being here for us through this journey, including the unexpected bumps along the way! So grateful for you. "

" Having weekly sessions this year has been incredibly healing and relaxing. More weeks than I can count could have been mentally disruptive in unexpected ways. Having weekly sound healings has provided me with a ritual break in the stress pattern and adrenaline response. i'm grateful for the gift of your peaceful vibes to help me release the stress and take a beat to be present, grounded and calm. "

"Thank you for holding this beautiful space for us. It's all unfolding perfectly ."

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