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Take Your Self Care

to the Next Level

Take your self care to the next level! Our luxurious vintage and holistic boutique provides a safe haven with an Ayurvedic approach to the beauty and wellness industry. We do our diligence to utilize various forms of sustainability practices, with both service and retail; bringing consciousness to our environment. Here, we're dedicated to ensuring your experience is not only luxurious but also deeply meaningful.

Shondra & Jussie

Meet Shondra & Jussie


What We Offer

Skin Nutrition

Beautiful skin starts from within

Energy Work & Somatics

Realign your chakras and balance your nervous system

Ayurvedic Services

Enhance your wellness with proven traditional practices of over 1000 years

1:1 Wellness Coaching

Integrate mind-body awareness to enhance personal growth and well-being.


Promote relaxation and release muscle tension

Lash Enhancement

Enhance your natural beauty and wake up in your make up!


Community Events & Classes

Simplified Wellness and Beauty

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