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Ananta Wellness and Beauty Boutique was birthed in 2022 by both Jussie and her sister, Shondra. Prior to owning Ananta- Jussie has been seen as a chameleon of sorts and has lived many lifetimes in this one life. Her passion lies in ensuring that people can truly be limitless and manifest whatever they desire here at Ananta- Her one on one coaching assists those struggling to fall in love with their true self or find their life purpose.

Plus, her angelic hands provide beautiful lashes and skin care. She often believes that her clients that come to her for those particular services, are seeking much more than beautiful lashes and glowing skin. Her energy truly draws those that need her the most. Being in the wellness industry and open to holistic therapies has opened her eyes to what people truly need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It has always been more than lashes to her, and it is time people know that behind the lashes is someone that is truly dedicated to suggesting to her clients that having a limitless life full of possibility, full of freedom, full of optimal health and happiness- It is so possible.


Prior to Ananta, Jussie owned and built a beautiful spa business that stood for 8 years. She was classified as a pioneer in the lash industry since 2006 having competed in lash competitions, starting an in depth lash training program in the state of Connecticut while being featured on CTStyle. She started on her own and then worked alongside her sister until the day she decided to close those doors and have a new start with Shondra.


Jussie was your typical quiet child when it came to talking about crystals and seeing things. She developed an interest in crystals around the age of 8, and noticed she had psychic occurrences around the age of 12. Already feeling like she wouldn't be accepted, she really didn't start being open about it until around the age of 18. She was often the person everyone came to for advice, even when she didn't ask or didn't know them.Since quietly working with crystal energy at an early age prior to being involved in the wellness industry, she has significantly increased her energetic practice with modalities such as crystals, oracle cards, reiki, color therapy and sound healing therapy along with bioresonance therapy. Her ability to be a facilitator for her clients allows them to release cycles no longer serving them, admit struggles they are going through, identify pain and feel confidence in moving forward. These modalities are used in some or all energy energy sessions according to what the client needs. 


As mentioned above, Jussie has had many identities through this lifetime. She started performing at the early age of 7 through competitive figure skating. She channeled a lot of her creativity and empathic feelings on the ice through her routines. She took a brief pause at 18 years old to attend esthetics school and then shortly after pursued her professional career on the ice, traveling abroad for 4 years skating in ice shows. It was during that time she learned aerial acrobatics, primarily aerial silks. She also was training in Trapeze and Lyra.​Modeling started at the age of 17 where she pursued a short term career shooting athletic, editorial and artistic published work. She was agency represented in NYC for a brief time.She stopped touring when she met her now husband, John. They now have two daughters and two crazy dogs. She enjoys studying homesteading and finding ways to live a simpler, burnout free type of living and looks forward to homeschooling her girls and teaching them to break free from the system, instilling responsibility while having fun. She also still enjoys skating and teaching ice skating (and hanging on an aerial apparatus- sometimes a tree does just fine) when she can!


Jussie is currently available for limited one on one Ayurvedic coaching, energy work, Ayurvedic spa services and lash services at Ananta Wellness and Beauty Boutique along with a variety of courses, workshops and meditations (all available for booking through the website). She is a level 2 certified medicinal aromatherapist, A Reiki Master Teacher and is a certified lash educator that can teach ongoing education to those already licensed in the state of Connecticut. She is a Licensed Esthetician and Licensed Lash Artist in the state of Connecticut holding multiple certifications in each of the trades. She is up to date with health and safety certifications such as Barbicide and blood borne pathogen courses. She is a certified Ayurvedic Wellness Coach after finishing a year long 300 hour course and is finalizing her studies for Ayurvedic Health Counseling, totaling 600 hours of dedicated Ayurveda education. Upon completion of those studies, she will be following her heart and studying to become a Birthing Doula within 2024, which will tie beautifully with her Ayurvedic studies offering women that want support in their birthing journey and are looking for a more holistic approach.


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